Jen + Brandon

Do you ever meet someone and think, “Wow, this is the sweetest person ever, it’s amazing that anyone could ever be this nice”? That’s Jen and Brandon.

Do you ever meet someone and think, “Wow, this is the sweetest person ever, it’s amazing that anyone could ever be this nice,” and then you really get to know them… And you realize they’re even nicer than you thought they were? That’s pretty much the perfect way to describe Jen and Brandon.


Every single bit of their wedding was stunning. They put so much thought and care and attention into even the smallest details, and it really showed. There wasn’t so much as a petal out of place throughout the entire night.

During our first meeting, I found out that Jen and Brandon had spent time doing missionary work in Peru. They have second families there that they love and continue to support even from half a world away, and one of the most meaningful parts of their
wedding was that, in lieu of favors, Jen and Brandon chose to donate money to their Peruvian loved ones.

There was a table at their reception overflowing with beautiful pictures of Jen, Brandon, and their respective Peruvian families and friends, and it was so wonderful to see wedding guests learning more about the passion that Jen and Brandon share for missionary work. Their faith, generosity, and caring spirits bind them together in a marriage that is truly Godly.


Another thing that binds them together, I realized pretty quickly, is how much they like to party!!! Jen and Brandon’s reception was a blast, from the highly anticipated grand entrance to the nonstop dancing to the sparkler-lit midnight getaway and everything inbetween. I mean, they had late-night chocolate chip cookies and milk shooters – the sure sign of a fun couple!


My biggest takeaway from Jen and Brandon’s wedding was how much love there was – not just between them, but from their friends and families. Jen and Brandon are the kind of people who really impact the lives of those around them, and that couldn’t have been more clear as their loved ones helped to celebrate their marriage.


Special thanks to my amazing vendor team for helping me to make this such a perfect night!
Ceremony Venue: Saint Ann’s Catholic Parish
Reception Venue: The Empire Room
Photography: Unearthed Photography
DJ: Colby Logan
Catering: Gil’s Elegant Catering
Cakes: Whisk Until Sweet
Flowers: Petals Couture

Bridal Fashion Week – Spring 2018

From jumpsuits to croptops to a million-dollar diamond dress, check out some highlights from Spring 2018’s Bridal Fashion Week!

Whether you’re shopping for your wedding dress or not, it’s hard to resist following along with the runway shows at Bridal Fashion Week – especially since there’s such a wide range of styles and designs presented. Gone are the days of having to settle for a traditional fluffy white dress regardless of your personal style. To get you inspired for dress shopping (or just to give you something to drool over), I compiled a few of my favorite looks for every type of bride.

For the Boho Bride


For the Modern Bride

For the Minimalist Bride

For the Non-Traditional Bride

For the Traditional Bride

Are you feeling inspired yet? Check out the rest of Bridal Fashion Week’s runway shows at


Brittany + Tim

When I was making plans for our first in-person meeting, I asked Brittany, “Do you want to meet at a Starbucks?” and she responded, “I don’t really drink coffee… How about wine?” Um, yes.

When I was making plans for our first in-person meeting, I asked Brittany, “Do you want to meet at a Starbucks?” and she responded, “I don’t really drink coffee… How about wine?” Um, yes. From that moment on, I knew I was working with a REALLY  fun couple.

Bartlett-Vick centerpieceBartlett-Vick escort cards

Brittany and Tim wanted to embrace their rustic Southern style with elements of burlap, lace, and all things shabby chic. When I was getting ready to send out my final email to the wedding party, Brittany reminded me, “Don’t let them forget to bring their boots!!!” Details like that made their big day fun, casual, and distinctly Texan – just like Brittany and Tim.

Bartlett-Vick cake table

I mean, seriously – check out that groom’s cake! It doesn’t get much more Texan than the Dallas Cowboys. And Brittany’s simple-but-sweet cake topper and handmade accent flowers really balanced the masculine out with the feminine. Overall, a cake table spread worth drooling over.

This sweet couple kept me laughing from day one. Their love is so clear and they have an amazing, fun, genuinely kind group of friends and family supporting them through their marriage. The whole night was full of laughter, happy tears, and lots and lots of dancing – and I think that’s a good indication of the life Brittany and Tim have to look forward to together.


Special thanks to my amazing vendor team for helping me to make this such a perfect night!
Venue: The Springs of Aubrey
Photography: I Do I Do Studios
DJ: Randal Stout
Catering: Culinary Art Catering
Cakes: Jenny Layne
Flowers: Andy’s Floral Events


Shelby + Clifton

Shelby and Clifton are one of those couples who are just clearly, obviously, without a doubt meant for each other.

Shelby and Clifton are one of those couples who are just clearly, obviously, without a doubt meant for each other. They’ve been together since high school, went to Texas A&M together, and are now taking on a move out of state together, and over time their relationship has just gotten stronger in a way that you only see when a couple is really, truly in love. Having known Clifton since we were 7 years old, I’ve been lucky enough to see their relationship grow, which is why I was so excited and so honored when they asked me to help plan their wedding – well, that, and because of their personal style and vision. I mean, did you see that neon sign?

And their ceremony at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral was pretty stunning, too. Just look at this altar! What an incredible and beautiful place to start a life together. Shelby and Clifton kept their ceremony short (they wanted to start the party!) but for their 300 loved ones who have been a part of their love story over the years, it was a moving and momentous occasion.

For their reception, Shelby and Clifton wanted to go with a warm and inviting color palette, so they chose reds, purples, burgundy, and champagne, and incorporated more masculine details like pheasant feathers into the bouquets and boutonnieres. The bridesmaids wore gorgeous plum-colored dresses that almost looked art deco-inspired, and Shelby’s Adrianna Papel gown had more than enough sparkle to make her stand out among their sea of guests.

The wedding was a stunning mix of classic and modern that fit BriK’s overall vibe and look perfectly. Overall, Shelby described her vision for the day as “warm and glittery,” and it turned out pretty perfect.

Also, side note: Shelby and Clifton are the most chill, laid-back couple you could ever meet, but they know how to throw a party. It was like herding cats trying to get guests outside for the send-off – no one wanted to leave!

Special thanks to my amazing vendor team for helping me to make this such a perfect night!
Ceremony: Saint Patrick’s Cathedral of Fort Worth
Reception: BriK
Photography: Lightly Photography
Music: MWP Customs
Catering: A Sophisticated Affair
Cake: Sandy’s Unique Creations
Flowers: Danielle Healy



Why Hire a Planner?

Here’s a little bit of insight into what planners do and how they can help to bring your event to life in a way that no one else can.

Over the course of my planning career, I’ve had to justify my work more times than I care to admit. A lot of people (mostly unmarried people or people who haven’t hosted an event, to be honest) question the necessity of having a planner. What does a planner do, anyway? Schedule some appointments, look at stationary, boss people around on the Big Day? Anyone can do that, right? Well, quite frankly, yes – but that doesn’t even begin to cover all that a planner really does. Here’s a little bit of insight into what planners do and how they can help to bring your event to life in a way that no one else can.

1.) Planning is stressful. It’s not all cake tastings and picking out flowers; it’s setting deadlines, researching vendors, making phone calls, reviewing contracts, and creating timelines. When you already have a busy schedule with work, social obligations, and whatever else you have going on, do you really want to devote multiple hours a week  for months to the planning process?

2.) Bringing your vision to life is hard. You may know what you want, but not how to get it. I did an event for SXSW where the client wanted a 15’x15′ fully-functioning Etch-A-Sketch. While he was asking, “Does that even exist?”, I was asking, “What color do you want it to be?” Planners have resources and contacts. We know where to go and who to talk to to get what you want. Nothing is impossible.

3.) A planner can complement your skills. Are you very creative but have a hard time with the contracts and timelines? Are you more detail-oriented and struggle with figuring out your overall vision? The right planner for you will handle the parts of the process that you have trouble with. Whether you want someone to take your plans and put them into action or someone to help you figure out your design and decor, you can find a planner that helps round out your team and make the whole process easier.

4.) It’s hard to narrow down vendors. Every cake looks delicious. Every DJ plays good music. Every photographer has a beautiful, artsy website. What you don’t see is the reputation, specialty, and personality of each vendor. Planners work with literally hundreds of other vendors and can figure out who will work best on your team.

5.) Planners know the right questions to ask. In the same vein, planners can figure out your needs for your event and make sure that the vendors you choose will deliver. I’ve had clients sign contracts that don’t promise what they want; for example, a recent bride hired a caterer solely to drop off their food and leave, then was confused as to why the caterer wasn’t staying to serve or clean up. Contracts are confusing, but planners know what to look for.

6.) Planners are intermediaries. It can be really awkward if you’re planning an event and your sweet best friend or family member is trying to take over. If they want red flowers and you want yellow, you might feel swayed to choose their idea for the sake of not hurting feelings. When you have a planner, you’re the client, and the planner will handle those awkward conversations to make sure that you get exactly what you want.

7.) A planner wants to help. Your bridesmaid won’t want to skip girl time on the morning of the wedding to set up the place settings. Your best friend won’t want to get to your fundraiser frazzled and already tired from driving all over town to pick up linens and flowers. Your mom won’t want to miss the first half of your birthday party because she’s on the phone with a vendor who’s running late. Your planner, on the other hand, is ready and willing to do what you don’t have time for. It’s in the job description.

8.) Sticking to a budget is hard. If your dream vendor is out of your price range, you may feel discouraged – or worse, you may be tempted to go overboard on spending. When you have a planner, he or she can figure out great ways to make your dream come true without breaking the bank. With a little bit of creativity and industry know-how, any event can look like it has a champagne budget, even if it doesn’t.

9.) Things go wrong at the last minute. A table setting may get lost in the mix. People may decline their RSVP but show up anyway. Transportation may get lost on the way to your venue. A bridesmaid’s gel bra may explode all over her dress ten minutes before the ceremony. I’ve dealt with all of these issues, and that’s kept the client from having to deal with them. Even if things are easy fixes – a call to a vendor, an extra chair placed here or there, a phone call to give step-by-step directions, a draped sash made out of a table runner – they would add to the client’s stress and make their day just a little bit less perfect.

10.) You should be able to enjoy the event. If you’re the one in charge of sticking to the timeline, coordinating vendor arrivals and departures, running the setup and breakdown, managing the flow of the event, keeping an eye on the food and drinks, adjusting the lighting, rounding people up for photos, and ensuring that everyone else is happy, your event will pass in the blink of an eye – and you won’t even know what happened. Your event, no matter how big or how small, is your day and your time to shine, so give yourself a chance to enjoy it. Be present. Let someone else handle the stress.

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