Shelby + Clifton

Shelby and Clifton are one of those couples who are just clearly, obviously, without a doubt meant for each other.

Shelby and Clifton are one of those couples who are just clearly, obviously, without a doubt meant for each other. They’ve been together since high school, went to Texas A&M together, and are now taking on a move out of state together, and over time their relationship has just gotten stronger in a way that you only see when a couple is really, truly in love. Having known Clifton since we were 7 years old, I’ve been lucky enough to see their relationship grow, which is why I was so excited and so honored when they asked me to help plan their wedding – well, that, and because of their personal style and vision. I mean, did you see that neon sign?

And their ceremony at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral was pretty stunning, too. Just look at this altar! What an incredible and beautiful place to start a life together. Shelby and Clifton kept their ceremony short (they wanted to start the party!) but for their 300 loved ones who have been a part of their love story over the years, it was a moving and momentous occasion.

For their reception, Shelby and Clifton wanted to go with a warm and inviting color palette, so they chose reds, purples, burgundy, and champagne, and incorporated more masculine details like pheasant feathers into the bouquets and boutonnieres. The bridesmaids wore gorgeous plum-colored dresses that almost looked art deco-inspired, and Shelby’s Adrianna Papel gown had more than enough sparkle to make her stand out among their sea of guests.

The wedding was a stunning mix of classic and modern that fit BriK’s overall vibe and look perfectly. Overall, Shelby described her vision for the day as “warm and glittery,” and it turned out pretty perfect.

Also, side note: Shelby and Clifton are the most chill, laid-back couple you could ever meet, but they know how to throw a party. It was like herding cats trying to get guests outside for the send-off – no one wanted to leave!

Special thanks to my amazing vendor team for helping me to make this such a perfect night!
Ceremony: Saint Patrick’s Cathedral of Fort Worth
Reception: BriK
Photography: Lightly Photography
Music: MWP Customs
Catering: A Sophisticated Affair
Cake: Sandy’s Unique Creations
Flowers: Danielle Healy