Jen + Brandon

Do you ever meet someone and think, “Wow, this is the sweetest person ever, it’s amazing that anyone could ever be this nice”? That’s Jen and Brandon.

Do you ever meet someone and think, “Wow, this is the sweetest person ever, it’s amazing that anyone could ever be this nice,” and then you really get to know them… And you realize they’re even nicer than you thought they were? That’s pretty much the perfect way to describe Jen and Brandon.


Every single bit of their wedding was stunning. They put so much thought and care and attention into even the smallest details, and it really showed. There wasn’t so much as a petal out of place throughout the entire night.

During our first meeting, I found out that Jen and Brandon had spent time doing missionary work in Peru. They have second families there that they love and continue to support even from half a world away, and one of the most meaningful parts of their
wedding was that, in lieu of favors, Jen and Brandon chose to donate money to their Peruvian loved ones.

There was a table at their reception overflowing with beautiful pictures of Jen, Brandon, and their respective Peruvian families and friends, and it was so wonderful to see wedding guests learning more about the passion that Jen and Brandon share for missionary work. Their faith, generosity, and caring spirits bind them together in a marriage that is truly Godly.


Another thing that binds them together, I realized pretty quickly, is how much they like to party!!! Jen and Brandon’s reception was a blast, from the highly anticipated grand entrance to the nonstop dancing to the sparkler-lit midnight getaway and everything inbetween. I mean, they had late-night chocolate chip cookies and milk shooters – the sure sign of a fun couple!


My biggest takeaway from Jen and Brandon’s wedding was how much love there was – not just between them, but from their friends and families. Jen and Brandon are the kind of people who really impact the lives of those around them, and that couldn’t have been more clear as their loved ones helped to celebrate their marriage.


Special thanks to my amazing vendor team for helping me to make this such a perfect night!
Ceremony Venue: Saint Ann’s Catholic Parish
Reception Venue: The Empire Room
Photography: Unearthed Photography
DJ: Colby Logan
Catering: Gil’s Elegant Catering
Cakes: Whisk Until Sweet
Flowers: Petals Couture

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