Bridal Fashion Week – Spring 2018

Whether you’re shopping for your wedding dress or not, it’s hard to resist following along with the runway shows at Bridal Fashion Week – especially since there’s such a wide range of styles and designs presented. Gone are the days of having to settle for a traditional fluffy white dress regardless of your personal style. To get you inspired for dress shopping (or just to give you something to drool over), I compiled a few of my favorite looks for every type of bride.

For the Boho Bride


For the Modern Bride

For the Minimalist Bride

For the Non-Traditional Bride

For the Traditional Bride

Are you feeling inspired yet? Check out the rest of Bridal Fashion Week’s runway shows at


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I'm a Fort Worth-based event planner and designer with experience in everything from baby showers to nonprofit fundraisers to luxury weddings in the DFW, Austin, and OKC markets. In my free time, I'm a Bravo watcher, Town & Country reader, breakfast taco eater, cat mom, and college football fanatic.

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